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Trauma Informed Schools

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This school year, it will be more important than ever to focus on students’ social and emotional well being. Some of your students may be experiencing trauma or stress living during a pandemic. The first 6 weeks of school should be heavily focused on social emotional learning (and continued all year long). Students who do not feel safe in their classrooms, will not be able to focus on their learning. Therefore, it is critical to create an environment that students feel safe in order for them to be able to learn and have a successful year.

Walgreens and WE teachers have partnered together to create a FREE program for teachers about trauma informed schools. WE Teachers provides teachers nationwide, with access to the educational training they need to support themselves and their students for future success.

Walgreens and WE Teachers have worked hard to create 7 Modules in this program. It includes the following modules; an Introduction module, a Mental Well-being module, a Bullying module, a Pandemic-Informed Community module, a Poverty module, a Diversity & Inclusion module and a Youth Violence module.

The modules will educate teachers on what trauma is and provide teachers with strategies and coping mechanisms for their students. Trauma (and stress) will present itself very differently in each student, so it is critical that we address these matters head on.

Each module will provide the teacher with information and activities to complete with their students.

WE Teachers and Walgreens even included a module about Pandemic Informed Schools. In this resource, teachers will be given information on how to create a pandemic informed classroom. They, also will be provided background information on COVID-19 and materials that teachers can print and even hang up in their classroom. Learning activities that teachers can complete with their students are included as well


Teachers, when you sign up for this program, you will get access to FREE virtual professional development, including discussions on important social issues led by industry experts and virtual events that connect you with teachers from around the world. 

Finally, WE Teachers and Walgreens are awarding teachers with The WE Teachers Award. The WE Teachers Awards recognizes teachers that go above and beyond in their classroom and community. 

Teachers can be nominated, or directly apply for the award through a simple application process online. Walgreens and WE Teachers will review all applicants and award 1000 teachers with a $500 Walgreens gift card to be used to support teachers in their classroom.

To learn more about the Trauma Informed Program and The WE Teachers Award Click here.

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