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Morning Meeting Routines (Part 1)

Morning meeting a crucial part of the school day. This is where you create a warm, welcoming classroom environment. Morning meeting is the perfect time to bond as a classroom family. During morning meeting, students practice important social skills such as listening and waiting your turn. The morning message is the perfect time to practice students reading and writing skills.

Here are my daily routines for morning meeting:

1. I start with the morning message you can either write it with the students on chart paper or a white board. (Which I recommend so that way you can model good writing for your students. Or you can type on a powerpoint and project it on a Smartboard

2. Make sure your morning meeting message has some consistence

7. On Mondays, we share our Over the Weekend Journals. It is great to include a visual sentence starter for those students who need the language help and that way it encourages all students to speak in complete sentences. We go around in a circle and each student takes a turn and shares what they did that weekend by reading their journal.