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Professional Development 

I started A Kinder World because I am passionate about teaching language, acceptance and tolerance. My mission is for all students to feel loved, seen and welcome into their learning environment. I cannot wait to share my passion about culturally responsive teaching and play based learning with your staff and conference attendees. 


Self Care to Self Aware: Exploring Identity as a Means of Culturally Responsive Teaching

Length: 60-80 Minutes

Type: Keynote/Workshop

Grade level: K-12, Admin

Teachers cannot implement self care and become a culturally responsive educator until they take the time to become self aware. This interactive session will include activities that teachers can bring back and use with their students and/or staff. We will explore our own identities and reflect on our own implicit bias. During this session, participants will learn about affinity bias and discuss how affinity bias can impact our schools. We discuss the power of “true communication” and “deep listening”. Finally, we will discuss how culturally responsive teaching can actually impact brain function and the students’ ability to learn new information.


Bringing Play Into the Classroom 

Length: 60 Minutes

Type: Workshop

Grade level: PreK-1st 

In this session, Jennifer will discuss the researched based benefits of play based learning. In addition, she will also discuss how play based centers are one small way to provide equity in the classroom. She will provide 24 ideas on how to integrated play based activities throughout the school day including literacy centers, math centers and core content subject areas. 


Shake up Your Guided Reading Time! 20 Ways to Make Guided Reading More Engaging

Length: 60 Minutes

Type: Workshop

Grade level: K-1st 

Join Jennifer to discuss implementing play based literacy centers while building a strong phonemic foundation with your little readers. Play based literacy centers will increase engagement with your students and is one small way to provide equity in your classroom. She will also provide ideas on how you can build a strong, phonemic foundation with sensory and hands-on activities during your small group time. Finally, she will share strategies to motivate your little readers to love reading books.  You will walk away with simple strategies that you can immediately implement during your guided reading time. 

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Exploring Our Beautiful Diverse World through Play and Exploration

Length: 60 Minutes

Type: Workshop

Grade level: PreK-2nd 

In this session, Jennifer will discuss how to integrate culturally responsive teaching naturally throughout the curriculum. She will also discuss why culturally responsive teaching is important; how it can impact learning and brain function. She will share ideas on how she incorporates global awareness in her kindergarten classroom through student led play and exploration. Finally, she will also be discussing how to incorporate "windows, mirrors and sliding glass doors" through books, play centers and STEM challenges.


Make Writing Fun! Bringing Play into your Writing Time 

Length: 60 Minutes

Type: Workshop

Grade level: PreK-1st 

Do you want to make your writing block more fun for your little writers?  Jennifer will discuss different ways she integrates play and rooms transformations to inspire her students to love writing. These fun experiences will motivate your students to write quality writing pieces and see themselves as writers. She will provide ideas on how to excite your students to write throughout their day including play time. Jennifer will share engaging ideas that you can use in your classroom the very next day.  


National Speaker

- Presenter with Get Your Teach on
-Mini Keynote at Teachers Pay Teachers National Conference
-Ignite Session at ISTE Conference
-Presented at Teacher Self Care Conference & IL ASCD K Conference

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