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10 Turkey Thanksgiving Themed Activities for your Kindergarteners and Preschoolers

Here are some fun Kindergarten Thanksgiving activities that are centered around turkeys. If you are looking for Kindergarten Thanksgiving ideas or Preschool Thanksgiving ideas, I got your November lesson plans covered.

1. Play Dough Turkeys

My students love this play dough center. In a tray, put brown play dough, feathers, goggly eyes, pipe cleaners, straws and gems. Then, let the students create. It is a great play based center that allows your students to be creative and build their turkey however want.

2. Build a Turkey Hideout with Cups

Your students will love this Thanksgiving STEM challenge. I printed out Turkey clipart from Creative Clips on cups and the students were challenged to hide the turkeys using the other cups to build a tower or hideout around the "turkeys". I reused the orange cups we used in October but you can use any plastic solo cups you have. This will be a popular November STEM challenge in your classroom

3. Decomposing Turkeys

This is one of my favorite crafts we do each year. It is from One Sharp Bunch. The students decompose the number 10 with yellow and red feathers. The turkeys turn out so cute and it is great way to practice the partners of 10. We love crafts that review the skills we are already learning!

4. Gobble, Gobble Game

This letter game is perfect for November Literacy Centers. It is a great Thanksgiving activity and your students will love yelling "Gobble, Gobble"! It is a great way to increase letter sound, letter name and sight word recognition.

This is a rapid pace recognition game. The game is played by the teacher keeps the cards in her hand, she puts one at a time down, the student that says the letter name and/or letter sound first, gets to keep the card. The student with the most cards at the end of the game wins. You can play two ways: if the "gobble, gobble" card appears the game stops and the game starts over. Or what I found is that children just like shouting "gobble, gobble!" and you can continue until you get through the whole pile.

Another way is for students to slap the “gobble, gobble” and say “gobble, gobble”. The student that slaps the “gobble, gobble” card first gets to keep it. Or you can play like Slap Jack and have the whole group say each letter and/or sound in chorus and create a pile. The student who slaps the “gobble, gobble” card first, gets to keep the pile. Some students get too focused on slapping the card, so if you think students cannot handle playing this way, then just have them shout “gobble, gobble”.

5. Turkey hat with hand prints

This hat is simple to make, no template needed. Cut out two circles from brown paper. Cut out an orange triangle for the beak. Then, you can draw simple circles for the eyes or glue on wiggle eyes. Last, trace your students' or child's hand on bright colored paper for the feathers. This hat is so simple and cute!

6. Letter Turkey Sensory Bin

This fun center is great for preschool or kindergarten. The students will love making the turkeys and adding the feathers to a sensory bin makes a literacy center more fun and engaging. The students match the turkey feathers with the letter.

Your students will love these bright, colorful November Literacy Centers and Math Centers. Each center includes visual directions and Kindergarten Standards phrased in I Can Statement. These thanksgiving centers only focus on Turkeys. Play based centers are included as options as well. The sight word center has an editable version to fit the needs of your students.

Literacy Centers focuses on phonics, sights words, cvc words, letter sounds, and vowel sounds

Math Centers focuses on numbers 0-10, decomposing numbers 5-10, 2D shapes, adding and subtracting up to 10 and teen numbers.

7. Pattern Block Turkeys (FREEBIE)

In a play or math center, cut out and laminate the bodies of the turkey. Then add pattern blocks. The posters are meant to simply inspire your students’ creativity, they can make the feathers however they want!

This resource is free.

8. Tissue Paper Turkeys

How cute are these turkeys from Happy Home Fairy? They are so simple to make. You can find all of the directions on how to make these turkeys on her blog.

9. Turkey Printable Books

These Thanksgiving books that are turkey themed are great for a quick November activity. There are two different levels for each book, so four books total. They are great for preschool, kindergarten or First Grade. They are quick to make just copy, staple and cut in half.

10. Shape Turkeys

These shape turkeys are a great way to review shapes. Messy Little Monster includes a printable version on her blog.


This resource has Thanksgiving writing prompts are a great Thanksgiving activity for kindergarten and first grade. Includes checklist for students to check their work when they done. There are thirteen journal prompts perfect for the two weeks and the 3 days before Thanksgiving break.


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