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Loose Parts Masterpiece Center

Loose parts is my new favorite part of Provocation Centers. I call this The Masterpiece center and it is going to be a permanent center. I will just swap out the loose parts each month. I love that students can truly create whatever they want. With this center, I include loose part options and 4 "Masterpiece Mats". (See the directions below on how to make the Masterpiece Mat.)

This month I included: gems, popsicle sticks (some I cut in half), pom-poms, glass rectangular gems, sequins.

To check out all of my suggestions of what to include in a loose parts center and to get the materials you will need to make the "Masterpiece mat" click on the picture.

To make the Masterpiece mat:

I bought Adhesive Black Felt 9 inches by 12 inches and 8 by 10 inch Black Frame Multi-pack from Amazon

1. First, open frames. Then, slowly and carefully take out glass. Caution: the glass is sharp, so be very careful when you do this.

2. Then, peel the adhesive off of the black felt.

3. Apply the adhesive felt to the backing of the frame. It may be a little short, but if you put it in the center it will not show once you put it in the frame. If it will bother you, color the edges with a Sharpie.

4. Put the backing back in to the frame without the glass.


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