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Loose Parts Masterpiece Center

Loose parts is my new favorite part of Provocation Centers. I call this The Masterpiece center and it is going to be a permanent center. I will just swap out the loose parts each month. I love that students can truly create whatever they want. With this center, I include loose part options and 4 "Masterpiece Mats". (See the directions below on how to make the Masterpiece Mat.)

This month I included: gems, popsicle sticks (some I cut in half), pom-poms, glass rectangular gems, sequins.

To check out all of my suggestions of what to include in a loose parts center and to get the materials you will need to make the "Masterpiece mat" click on the picture.

To make the Masterpiece mat:

I bought Adhesive Black Felt 9 inches by 12 inches and 8 by 10 inch Black Frame Multi-pack from Amazon

1. First, open frames. Then, slowly and carefully take out glass. Caution: the glass is sharp, so be very careful when you do this.

2. Then, peel the adhesive off of the black felt.