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5 IDeas to Teach about Mexico

Mexico has such a beautiful, rich culture make sure you that you are not teaching stereotypes.

Idea #1 Teach Misconceptions about Mexico

Students (and adults) have a lot of misconceptions about Mexico. I had students brainstorm ideas what they think they know about Mexico. The anchor chart above is after we have done some research using Epic! We started with them on blue Post Its in the middle. Then, as we did research, after we proved one of our "thinkings" is either a fact or a misconception, we would change the color of the Post Its and it put it in the correct category.

Epic! books is a FREE app that has free high quality books. Instead of buying books, you can use EPIC! to project them. Below is a screenshot of a library I created about all of the books about Mexico that are appropriate for preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade to do in a whole group setting. (Click the link below to check it out or the picture).

Students can also do research on their own using the link below. I created an Epic! library of books that kindergarten and first grade students can research about Mexico independently:

Idea #2: Teach about the famous landmarks through play.

There are so many amazing landmarks and architecture in Mexico. Some of my favorite landmarks are Palacio de Bellas Artes, Metropolitan Cathedral and Chichen Itza. I included the following signs in my STEM lab and challenged the students to build with them. Click the picture below to go get these signs in my Global Awareness Centers.

This is a great video about Chichen Itza by National Geographic Kids. Click the picture to go to the video on Youtube.

Idea #3 Teach about influential people from Mexico