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How I track for Standards Based Grading in Kindergarten

Tracking (gathering evidence) for Standards Based Grading can be overwhelming. So, I organized it in a way that I can easily grab a clipboard to take anecdotal notes for each priority standard that we use in our district. I order a multi-pack of clipboards from Amazon and I hung them on a bulletin board in my classroom using push pins. Click here for the clipboards.

It is so convenient when I am conferencing with a student, during guided reading or if I am focusing on a particular standard during a whole group lesson, I can just quickly grab the clipboard

I have a couple of co-teachers that come in and out of my classroom, that way anyone can grab a clipboard when they are doing a lesson related to one of the standards to take anecdotal notes.

The above clipboards are examples of the two types of anecdotal notes that I take. The clipboard on the left, in each column has a sub standard listed. The chart on the right, has the main standard listed and each column has different dates. (Please note: the data in the above charts is fake and it has my friends' names on it.)

I put clothes pin on clipboard that I need more data (or evidence) for. This helps me to lesson plan as well.

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