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8 Ways to do Classroom Celebrations without Food or Toys

Celebrations (or rewards) are a great way to inspire students and build a classroom community. In my classroom, I love do celebrations with my students to show them that I am proud of them working hard. I also love the excitement on my students faces when they have earned a reward. I have come up with a list of ways to celebrate that are fun, but do not involve buying toys or food. (And some of them are even having them practice their skills).

1. Flashlight Quiet Reading

Yes, reading quietly is a reward! On Fridays, if my students have been building their reading stamina and working hard during reading workshop, then they get to read with a flashlight. Several of my rewards involve flashlights. I found super cheap Finger Flashlight at Amazon.

2. Dance Party

I do not only use GoNoodle for movement breaks, we also use it for a Dance Party! This week, we had our Reading and Math Night 93% of our class came. So, we had a 30 minute Dance Party to start the day to celebrate having so many families attend.

3. Using Smelly Markers during centers

Who does not love Smelly Markers? If my students are working hard during literacy centers or math centers. Or they are just having a great day in general, I will break out the smelly markers and let them use them. I have my own separate batch for the students, to keep my personal markers nice.