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How I Organize My iPad Centers For My Kinders

In my tech center, I created a background that is different colors. In each row, there are apps that they can do during that specific center times. The clothes pin marks what centers we are in and what row of apps that they can choose from.

To get the background and sign FOR FREE click on the pictures below

Directions to add iPad Background

To get the backgrounds on the iPads, I simply upload it to Google Drive.

Open the picture of the background in Google Drive. Hold down your finger on the picture and you will be prompted to save to camera roll.

Then, open the photos app on your iPad. Click the share button. (See picture.)

Click "Use as Wallpaper". (See Picture)

Click Perspective Zoom: off and center the picture. Then Click Set Home Screen.

Raz-Kids and Seesaw Visual Directions

I put visual directions for students on how to sign into RAZ-Kids and how to use Seesaw. To get the visual directions for RAZ-kids that I created click on the RAZ-Kids picture below.

To get visual Directions from Seesaw. Click the Get Started with Seesaw checklist and then click View Getting Started PDF. (See Picture)

Apps that I use in My Kindergarten Classroom

Reading: RAZ-kids, Cimo Sight, Cimo Spell, Endless Reader, StoryBots ABC Videos, Epic!

Writing: Seesaw (rainbow write sight words and produce writing workshop pieces), Letter Book, Trace Letters, Duck Duck Moose Word Wagon, ABC Ya (Good for Math too), Hideout!, Ninja Sight Words

Math: Endless Numbers, Quick Math, Jr, Google Slides (I use for digital math centers), Animal Math, Duck Duck Moose Math, Prodigy

Centers: StoryBots, Kodable, Scratch Jr., StoryBots Learning


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