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What I include in my Back to School Night Folders

This year, we switched from a curriculum night to a Back to School Night (or a Meet the Teacher Night). Instead of us just talking at the parents. We provided all of the information about our curriculum in a folder and gave the students and parents a chance to explore the school. In my folder, I gave a pamphlet about flexible seating created by Just A Primary Girl. (Click here to see it) One of my favorite things is my Flip Book created by Learning in Wonderland. (Click here to see it). I love how it looks on the Astrobright. They are both editable so that I could make them appropriate for our class.

The students were able provided a checklist of items to go find around the room and the school such as "give Miss Dunmore a High Five" and "write your name with smelly markers on the chart paper".

I also included an All About Miss Dunmore page to include my educational background and fun facts about me. Along with our ABC chart that goes along with our alphabet song. I bought folders at the Dollar Tree (2 folder for 1 dollar). I create the name tags using Melonheadz clipart. (Click here) Isn't her clipart the cutest?

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