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First 26 days of school. Alphabet Hats, Alphabet signs and Circle Maps

Every day we do a different letter.

We start of our day with morning seat work. They have to find the letter of the day. This allows me to do attendance while practice recognize the letter. It also works on not scribbling. These are a part of my alphabet superhero packet.

Then we do a circle map. Since my class is a sheltered instruction class and I am a bad drawer, I print out pictures and give the students each a picture. This helps since some of my students do not have the vocabulary to produce words that begin with each letter of the day. They each come up and tape a picture on the circle map. Then we talk about if it goes inside the circle (it starts with the letter of the day) or outside the circle (if it does not start with the letter of the day). Every student gets a chance to come up and put a picture on our circle map. I also include students' names that begin with the letter of the day. (I did not show them on here because of the privacy reasons).

Then each student gets white boards that have lines and we practice at our seats writing the letter of the day. I model first then they do.

NOW TIME TO MAKE THE ALPHABET HATS...After I have walked around and I feel they are ready for paper sentence strip. They each get a sentence strip and practice writing the upper and lower case of the letter of the day. I have them do it crayon to highlight the academic part. I bought the hats at simply kinder's store on TPT. They are great and students love them.


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