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Daily Targets CCSS based

I post the targets daily and reviewing them with your students is so important. It is important for students to know what they will be learning.

Posting the students language objectives is apart of the SIOP model but it is important for all students to know the objectives for the day. I put little targets next to the objective( See picture below).

I start every lesson with introducing the standard to the students. I use hand movements to help the students remember the standard. Then, the students mimic as they are repeating the standard back to me. Hand movements are important because then you are reach all your learners: visual, kinesthetic and auditory.

As I am teaching the lesson, I will ask "wait what was our goal today?" and will call on a student to tell me the standard for the day.

At the end of the lesson is the fun part.

The students pretend to get out their bow and arrow and shoot the target when the objective is completed. That way they know they accomplished their objectives.


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