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This packet is a research project for kindergarten, first grade and second grade about community helpers. It has a Seesaw option and a paper option. Students will get choose what community helper they want to research. Then, the students will create a community helper craft and write 3 facts about the community helper they choose to research.


What is included?

  • Printable reading passages about each community helper
  • Paperless version on Seesaw
  • Writing responses for each community helper
  • Final report writing paper
  • Colored version of the reading passages about each community helper for the Teacher to read to the class or include in the classroom library.
  • Craft to go with each community helper
  • 6 Community helpers: Police man, mail carrier, garbage collector, Firefighter, Farmer, and construction worker.



What is S.O.L.E.?

Self Organized Learning Environment, the students chose what they want to learn about and research about it. It is student centered and student driven.


  • Can 5 and 6 years old do research?

Yes! (…with some guidance). This packet is to allow student to research and choice but with some guidance.


  • Want to take this project farther?

Have student research on a kid friendly website or database, we used Pebble Go and Epic! We had community helpers come in and the students got to interview them.

SOLE Community Research Project

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