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October Provocation Centers | October STEM Challenges

What are Provocation Centers?

Provocation centers is Reggio inspired learning through play. It provokes learning, questioning, creativity, conversations and interest based learning. It is a more guided play than free choice play time as the student engage in challenges at each center.

How do I implement Provocation Centers in my classroom?

It is a mix of STEAM centers and provocation centers related to the content that we are currently learning about. These centers are a great for building stamina and teaching students that mistakes are proof that we are trying.

Here are some ideas for October:

Can you make a monster?

Your students will love this play dough center. I put out play dough, pipe cleaners, goggly eyes, straws, and gems. I cut the straws and pipe cleaners into thirds.

The black tray is from the dollar tree, but it is also available

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Can you make a sticker story?

This is a favorite center among my students this year. Student can use the stickers to practice sounding out words. They can also choose another paper and write a story about the sticker.

You can check this center out in my store by clicking on the picture or click here

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